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Tuesday August 10th: Aer Arann is set to benefit from a major training facility with the recent arrival of the first ever ATR 72/42 aircraft full flight simulator in Ireland.

The simulator is managed by Simtech Aviation at Dublin Airport and is the only ATR flight simulator in the UK and Ireland.

Aer Arann Welcomes First Ever ATR Simulator to Ireland

An inside view of the new ATR Simulator located at Simtech Aviation at the Dublin Airport Logistics Park

Aer Arann, as the anchor client of the simulator, will utilise a significant proportion of the available training time over the course of the year, in an agreement over a 10 year period. This represents a major commitment by Aer Arann in its future pilot training requirements.

The simulator is primarily a training facility for Aer Arann, which means training new pilots as well as using it to perform proficiency checks for current Aer Arann pilots that previously took place in Toulouse, France at the ATR facility. Training and checks include handling of simulated emergency situations, systems failures and standard company procedures. It can also be used in training pilots progressing from First Officers to Captains.

In addition, the simulator will be used to perform training for pilots who have never flown an ATR aircraft before allowing them to qualify with a type rating endorsement on their licence.

The simulator uses a 6 electric axis, 36-inch stroke motion base, certified by the Irish Aviation Authority to Level C. This device represents the most up to date facility in Ireland. Daylight, night time, all weather graphics, full motion two crew, two observer seats and touch screen instructor station are the primary features of the ATR simulator.

As well as the obvious cost saving benefits to Aer Arann with training and checks now taking place in Ireland rather than France, the simulator is also a revenue generating facility, with pilots throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe now travelling to Dublin to avail of simulator training.

Simtech’s established facility at Dublin Airport is the perfect location for the ATR simulator and the addition of this latest training facility will contribute greatly to making Ireland recognised as a centre of excellence for aviation training.

The simulator is available to anyone wishing to train and qualify to fly ATR aircraft and is also used to conduct fear of flying courses and workshops.

Welcoming the arrival of the simulator John Halpin Director of Operations at Aer Arann said “The arrival of the ATR simulator to Dublin is the culmination of a number of years of negotiation with simulator manufacturers and providers in an effort to make a viable business case to locate an ATR simulator in Dublin.

We now have an efficient means on a state of the art facility to perform recurrent training with our existing 100 pilots, who until now had to travel to France at least twice per year. We also offer third party training to other airlines and private individuals wishing to obtain an ATR type rating qualification”.

Captain Sé Pardy, Director at Simtech said “Simtech are proud to have played its part in both hosting the full flight simulator and achieving full flight certification for the ATR simulator. We look forward to playing a significant role in the continued success of Aer Arann’s flight training requirements”.

For further information regarding the simulator and to enquire about training and facilities visit or call 01 8448073.

Aer Arann Welcomes First Ever ATR Simulator to Ireland

An external view of the new ATR Simulator, of which Aer Arann is anchor client


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